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Dating is hard

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Tonight, Thursday, November 16th, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

I literally don’t even like dating. I like drinking and I like not paying for drinks for a reason other than “I left my wallet on the kitchen table and I’m so sorry and I’ll venmo you right now” but trying to date is literally a job.

I used to like meeting new people and I still do!! But meeting people off of dating apps doesn’t feel new, it just feels like you’re meeting the same person over and over again from Michigan who is about to tell you in 90 minutes that they just got out of a four year relationship and this was them trying to get back out there, but they don’t know if they can do it right now because you insisted on going to The Hard Rock Cafe for your first date and honestly, something ironic like that is completely out of their comfort zone.

So that’s kinda all I feel about that. I don’t know, catch me being in love next week, but as for now, all I’ve learned about this topic is that I’m much better at performing stand up comedy than I am at dating. I’m probably better at karate than I am at dating. I just feel about relationships the same way I feel about my totally normal amount of credit card debt: one day I’ll be rich and famous and that will take care of itself.

Anyway, the comics on tonight’s show are yet again, some of my favorite performers who I’m lucky enough to have in town tonight, and so are you if you come see my hot little show!!! Adam Conover is back for his round two performance at Drule tonight and we’re gonna have a slay time. I love you all!!!

-Claire <3


This week's lineup features:

ADAM CONOVER, @adamconover, Adam Ruins Everything, Netflix

GLORELYS MORA, @glorelysmora, New York Comedy Festival, HBO Max

BRIDGET GEIRAN, Bitches Brew Comedy

SALMA ZAKY, @salmazaky_, Firecracker Comedy

BOBBI ELFIE, @bobbielfie, Sappy Love Notes

And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears , Reductress, The Dump


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