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Happy National Mental Health Day or National Coming Out Day or Boyfriend Day or Something

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

DRULE!! Tonight, Thursday, October 12th, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211


I literally never know when these holidays are? I feel like we celebrate National Boyfriend Day once every few months, which is usually convenient I guess given men’s track record for forgetting to treat you like they’re dating you. Yes, they do need a notification if you ask me.

One of my biggest issues I’ve faced with mental health and the disabilities I’ve had is figuring out how much to sell my meds on the street for. What am I going to do? Ask my doctor? I can’t do that- he’s not cool enough to know how much they’re going for outside of CVS. People see me in the grocery store, at Taco Bell, throwing up in the bathroom at Taco Bell, and I just look normal to them but really, inside I am constantly anxious with trying to figure out how to be a good small business drug dealer.

As for coming out, the biggest issue I’ve faced is that the second you tell anyone you’re even the teensiest bit queer they will hate every single man you even look at. “Oh he works for Doctors Without Borders? Hmm. Seems like a demanding job and he won’t have time for you. You should probably go after the local barista who doesn’t even know you exist instead.” From what I’ve learned, a pretty big part of the bisexual experience is disappointing your friends. Sorry I dated a man, sorry I slept with a woman who still managed to bring up bitcoin, sorry the nonbinary person I went on a date with introduced me to matcha and now I don’t want to go to your favorite coffee shop anymore.

Anyway, the most important thing you should celebrate this week is Drule Comedy!! Tonight’s show has a couple wonderful comics I have loved and worked with for years who have really been blowing up lately and I’m so proud of them, as well as a few new comics I’ve come across and am so excited to share with you on this hot lineup. We’re going to have so much fun tonight!


Claire <3


This week's lineup features:

KATIE BOYLE, @katieboylecomic, Just For Laughs, The Shift Podcast

ERIN HATTAMER, @erinhatta, TikTok

ASHLYNN SALZANO, @ashlynnsalzano, That Time of The Week Podcast

ALEX KIM, @alexkimedian, Stand Up New York

ASHWINI KARANTH, @ashwini.funny

And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears , Reductress, The News Dump Podcast


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