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I’m really sorry about this one thing about me

Updated: Mar 8

Hi all-

One thing about me is that I've historically been disgustingly and tragically soooo monogamous which ruins the entire point of being gay and in Brooklyn. I’m truly so pro polyamory unless you’re my parents. That would be awful. The only thing worse than imagining your parents having sex is imagining them thinking that they are cool modern people.


The thing I don’t like about monogamy is that it leads to brutal heartbreak. Polyamory leads to brutal heartbreak too, but then you get a free shoulder to cry on when you have that heartbreak and that’s so awesome.

I'm experimenting with non-monogamy but it's hard because I never want to ever be so cool as to build a roster of people I’m dating. Building a roster can be cool when you’re just ranking men but once you date ladies, then you just feel like you’ve got Mitt Romney style binders full of women. Remember that? I guess it’s still feminist if you think about it that you’re providing all women an equal opportunity to date you….but I just don’t know if Gloria Steinem would be give me a thumbs up if she saw how I behave on hinge at 2 am.

Anyway one thing I know we all can share the love on is my favorite show of all time tonight, Drule Comedy, at Fette Sau!!!! So get your little ass over here and lets have some fun!

-Claire bear <3


This week's lineup features:





And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears, Reductress, The Hard Times, The Dump

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