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Secret Special Guest Tonight!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Tonight, Thursday, October 5th, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hi all,

Hope everyone is safe and sound after the flood last week!! And I also hope everyone is enjoying the classic beautiful post-flood weather as if mother nature was trying to gaslight us into thinking that NYC didn’t have to shutdown the subway system last week due to extreme conditions. It was so bad I had to go to New Jersey just to remind myself that New York is still the greatest city in the world.

I took the PATH to Jersey this week- which is a sentence I love saying because you also could have said that in the 1700’s. “Oh yes, the path to New Jersey. Did you go on foot or take a horse and buggy?”

New Jersey is so funny too- they think they’re so great because they don’t pump gas. Well guess what! We don’t pump gas either! (Because we don’t have cars) We also don’t have washers and dryers. New Jersey might just win this round.

All that being said, I love this city and I’m never moving ever* but most of all I love my weekly comedy show at Fette Sau that I get to share with you!!!

TONIGHT we have a secret special guest I am not allowed to announce so you will have to come see for yourself!! But other than that we have, yet again, a lineup filled with some of my very funny special friends that is so fire you might end up wanting a little rain to put it out anyway.

I love you and hope to see you tonight!!


*I would definitely move to LA if I were to get a writing gig or something. But only for a few months, and that’s IT! I love this town.


This week's lineup features:

ELLE ORLANDO, @_elleorlando_ , Sirius XM

NOUR HADIDI, @nourhadidi , Just For Laughs, New York Comedy Festival

BRITTANY CARNEY, @brittany.goblin.carney , Comedy Central, That Damn Michael Che

HAY BEACON, @haybeacon , Reductress, Don't Tell Comedy

And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears , Reductress


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