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Omg what’s up? Hope you’re having a slay day even though its raining like a little bit? Idk I never go outside

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Tonight, Thursday, September 28st, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hi happy Thursday y’all-

I’m emailing this to you from an Uber in the middle of the day I will regret purchasing later. You guys ever look at how much money you’ve spent? I prefer not to. I’ll open up in therapy, I’m not afraid to talk about my relationships except for my relationship with money. If my friends knew about my relationship with money they would be like “Claire this is NOT healthy you guys need to break up.” Haha just kidding, you have to ~have~ money to have a relationship with it and I am pretty sure this $30 Uber is going to put me in the friend zone.

Anyway- something that costs no money at all!!!!!!! Is our wonderful show Drule comedy. It’s literally so free although the food and drinks at Fette Sau are so yummy and I definitely recommend spending like a tiny bit of money on them and A LOT of people say that so you can rest easy that you’re not just listening to my financial advice.

Love you and see you tonight!!!!!!

Xoxo, Gossip Claire

CASSIE WILLSON Tik Tok, Red Emma and The Mad Monk, @casstherockwillson

SABEEN SADIQ Code Switched, @sabeencomedy

MYKA FOX Comedy Central, @mykafox

JENAE BOSTON MTV, @thatssojenae


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