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Unemployed but it’s Okay Because I Believe in Astrology Enough & Things Seem Pretty Good for Me

Tonight, Thursday, March 28th, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hi all-

Coming here with a super hot unpopular opinion- I hate being unemployed. Congrats to me, just had my month-a-versary of being a beautiful jobless woman. Don’t get me wrong, I have never been a fan of the concept of work, however, I miss completing my little rewarding tasks, and wish I was constantly doing something that would make an impact on people. Even if it was a negative impact, like forgetting to bring them ketchup. I guess I just miss power.

Dating is way easier than I thought it would be as an unemployed person. I thought that would be a red flag to some, but apparently not; but I also mostly date women and we tend to love it when someone is a work in progress. I’m like a DIY girlfriend box kit to everyone. Try this at home! Baggage included! Dating is actually a great thing to do when you’re unemployed. In order to not sit on my phone and spiral about not getting a text back, or freakishly blow up a girls phone, I have channeled my energy into job searching! (after watching TikTok for a few hours) It’s also really helped me get over being ghosted by a job that I emailed three times, my trust issues have prepared me for these situations. When a job is like “Wow we’re really interested in you,” I’m like “yeah, you’re going to have to prove it.” I am completely joking, no job has said that to me yet. But a lot of women have!!! And it terrifies me.

Maybe it’s because I have ADHD, or because I’m the first child, or because maybe this is actually a normal thing that a lot of people feel and I’m not unique, but I work best when other people tell me what I need to do. Even when I hate it, I love a good checklist. Now that I’m unemployed, my checklists have gone from “collaborate with so and so and send email,” to “Brush teeth this time PLEASE.” But you know what they say, a win is a win, and brushing your teeth does feel awesome when you are not sleepy enough to do it.

Anyway, one thing that is always rewarding and a beautiful way to spend time is coming to my comedy show Drule tonight!!! We have so many hot comics, I’m going to explode, and you will love them all.

See you tonight baby girl!!



This week's lineup features:

JARED GOLDSTEIN (Comedy Central, Black Mirror)

NATALY AUKAR (Netflix is A Joke Fest)




And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears, Reductress, The Hard Times, The Dump

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