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YOUR FAVORITE WEEKLY STAND UP COMEDY SHOW IS STILL BACK! And we’re NOT leaving! (Unless they ask us politely)

Tonight, Thursday, August 31, 9 pm at 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Happy Thursday girlie pops and slay mamas,

Drule’s weekly host Claire Alexander here. (please read in Carrie Bradshaw voice) Our first show back last week was simply fabulous (maybe more of a Samantha voice for that last part)- but I couldn’t help but wonder if the next show would bring the same amount of absolute heat to the walls of Fette Sau?

Well, we certainly can.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to book the famous Che Diaz on account of them being vastly hated and also a fictional character, but if you want to see a lineup fit for their “Queer Brooklyn Comedy Club” you’re in the right place. Tonight’s show features some of my favorite comedians to book, as well as some of my beloved friends who happen to be extremely successful and super famous. You’re going to love each and every performer, guaranteed or your money back (show is free).

Lots of love & see you tonight

Claire Bear Pears


This week's lineup features:

JESS SALOMON The Tonight Show

MIA JACKSON Comedy Central


BRITTANY CARNEY Comedy Central, That Damn Michael Che, Variety

KENDALL FARRELL New York Comedy Fest Comics to Watch

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