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Doubling Down, Hot Girls Up? Maybe? Sorry idk

Hi all-

I worked a

double at the restaurant I work at this week, and boy is my wallet still empty. Have you ever done this?

I think picking up a double at your job is the most ~single~ thing you can do as a customer service worker. “You need someone this afternoon? Oh yeah I’m not doing anything or having anyone depend on me!” Deciding to pick up a last minute shift is something people only do when they don’t have a loved one to call to remind them “hey you’re going to be so tired and hate that you did this.” Nothing says “Not only do I not have plans for tonight, I also am not expecting to make any at all either” like picking up a 14 hour work day, day of.

I haven’t worked a double in a few years and it reminded me that I think the thing that makes working in customer service most bearable is knowing that at some point you get to leave and there might still be sunlight!! But when you lose that part you start to get a little silly goofy!!

During an 8:30- 10 pm double, I recommend starting to drink at around 6 pm. That’s the point in when it kind of feels like you’re in a play or something because you’ve just been in the same building all day talking to multiple characters who walk in and out and get to experience the great outdoors you no longer can, and you still have so much longer to go. Having a shot is a great choice, and a classic gateway on the clock drink you can totally share with the line cooks. Then follow this with a couple glasses of wine, until you get to the confidence level where you’re acting like you actually own the business. At around 7:30 I gave someone a whole free steak, which financially I would recommend against and I’m probably going to get in trouble for. If I had a therapist right now, she would probably have me explain what my thought process was there. I followed this with probably the worst closing of the restaurant I have ever done in my life but I got a free uber home from my boss.

I ended up making some money but then I couldn’t walk for a day. So, check on your friends who are working doubles. Or just set them up on a date. Please omg.

Anyway, if you’re not on the clock tonight, boy do I have the lineup for you dirty little dog!!! We’re going to have such a hot lineup with some of my fav gays and girlies in the city you will love!!!! See you tonight!!

-Claire bear <3


This week's lineup features:

SALMA HINDY, @salma.hindy, Born on 9/11

CHRISTIANA JACKSON, @incomparablemsc, New York Comedy Festival, Cash Cab

MARA WILES, @marawiles, High Plains Comedy Festival

KEENAN STEINER, @keenanstandup, Edinburgh Fringe

AMELIA RITTHALER, @ameliaplease, HBO Girls Rewatch Podcast

And your host, Claire Alexander, @clairebearpears , Reductress, The Dump

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